Special Cargo Handling

         Dangerous goods

         Valuable cargo

         Temperature controlled shipments

         Outsize cargo handling

         Delicate and sensitive machinery for telecommunication and hi-tech manufacturing purpose

 Import Operations

         Fingerprint Identification System

         Air-Conditioned storage area for whole unit

         DG/VAL/VUN Service Available

         Licensed Personnel in Dangerous Goods Handling

         100% independent from export operation

         Exclusive storage areas for major accounts

         Customized special services

         Priority service by request

Export Operations  

         Separate unloading areas

         Automatic stacker crane system

         Special shipper load service

         24 low-able workstations

         Indoor operation only

         ULD control Center (service for airlines)

         DG/VAL/VUN Service Available

         Cargo Accepted by House Air Waybill

- The only terminal operating by HAWB

- Accurate cargo information at HAWB

- Convenient and flexible for consolidation planning

- Facilitates customs inspection and clearance by HAWB


With advance application, any of your valuable delicate, sensitive and high-tech cargo will be under surveillance by digital camera in every step in Import/Export Flow as shown.   If necessary, these digital evidences could send through email for reference by request.

1. Hand Over 2. Break Down 3. Delivery


1. Acceptance 2. Preparation of Palletizing


3. Palletizing

4. Hand-over