The machinery and equipments are designed by ICM-Germany, Everterminal is equipped with high-tech, space-saving storage system with multi-safety protection.



Two 20ft Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV) - With a loading capacity of 14 tons, each ETV is able to carry two 10ft or one 20ft pallet at one time. Semi-auto or manual controls are optional.

Two automatic Transfer Vehicles (TV) - available between workstation and ULD area with a maximum capacity of carrying one 10ft pallet or 7 tons of loose cargo at one time. 

High Bay Stacker Crane System - capable of forwarding and retrieving cargo automatically to and from a specific storage location.

Seventeen hydraulic levelers – at the cargo tendering area.  Forklifts are able to drive directly into the truck for loading and unloading.

Twenty-four container/pallet build-up and breakdown work stations.