Everterminal Co., Ltd.
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Everterminal Co., Ltd. (also known as Everter) was founded in 1987 to provide bonded warehouse services. In view of Taiwan's steady economical growth and flourishing international trade, the logistics and storage industries have been developed rapidly. We observed the growth of international trade and the increasing importance of air cargo terminal plus its enviable geograpic location, Taiwan was destined to become a global cargo entrepot, so Everter has expanded to a company of variety warehousing service.

Up to 1990 we invested the total capital of NT$2 billion into the construction of Taiwan's first advanced automated air cargo terminal.  These facilities occupied a capacious 43,000m2 area. After the efforts of three years of full-scale construction, Everter began to offer airfreight import, export and peripheral services on the strength of its first-rate international equipment and professional service. Everter started the operation on July 1, 1993, enabling us to provide domestic and international customers with global airfreight handling services. 



We believe in legitimation and faithfulness in serving our clients by standard operation procedures fulfillment and continuous quality improvement to a win-win situation for both parties. 

In 1997, Everterminal became the first air cargo terminal that obtained ISO9002 Certificate in Taiwan.
Subsequently,the ISO 9002 certificate was converted to the latest standardized ISO 9001 certificate in Oct.2003 .
In 2001, Everterminal became the first air cargo terminal that acquired T.A.P.A (Technology Asset Protection Association) certificate in Asia.

The business environment nowadays is in an era of total competition.  As global competition and technological changes intensified during recent years, we at all times deploy advanced technological resources range from information technology to proprietary technology that are capable of adding economic value to our company.  We are constantly improving the company in every aspects and emphasis the needs of our customers.

We believe that a superior organization, systematic management, and high-quality operation standards are the methods to sustainable success in this industry.  Therefore we have well-known clients including world-class airlines, cargo agents, forwarders and a wide range of manufacturers in high-tech industry because they need prompt, safe, efficient and effective services.